Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fast Food Rant

Let's say you go to a fast food joint and want sweetener for your iced tea and ketchup for your french fries. They'll throw sweetener in your bag like they're giving out Halloween candy to the best costumed kid in the neighborhood, yet they'll ration out only 3 ketchups for an entire order of fries like ketchup is some highly valuable commodity. Isn't one packette of sweetener more than enough for even the largest size drink? But how can anyone expect 3 little ketchup packets to cover a huge order of fries? Seriously, do these employees never stop to think about that? I always feel like a jerk when I have to specifically tell them that "one sweetener is enough thank you, but I do need at least 8 ketchups please" like I'm some neurotic control freak ketchup monger. Shouldn't that just be common sense? Or perhaps I'm the dumbass in this equation for eating at fast food restaurants in the first place?

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here kitty, kitty... said...

nope, you are the dumb ass for eating fast food....

hey Cari!! welcome to bloggerville!!!