Sunday, July 22, 2007

Rock N Roll Memoirs Introduction

Welcome to Diary of a Manicurist. I've been searching for the right place to publish my rock n roll memoirs and other humorous and ironic observations. Finally my writing has a home!

About 2 months ago I was asked to write my own column for Vegas Rocks! Magazine. I began writing feverishly only to be told that another memoir is not exactly what the magazine is looking for. *sigh* I guess I'll just write up an occasional concert review for them when I feel inspired.

Back in 2005, I was interviewed by Miss Pamela (DesBarres) for her newest book, "Let's Spend the Night Together," only to have my already well-known story get edited from the book for being too long. I was not, however, disappointed. Okay...I was disappointed for about 12 hours...and then a dear friend helped me realize that I don't want the world to know me as "the chick who f***ed Izzy Stradlin" because that's not what nor who I am at all. That was just one day in my life (and I was only 17 for cryin' out loud.) It was one day that changed the course of my life...but still...just one day. Had my story been published in the fabulous Miss P's book, it would have only caused me grief because what I really wanted was to tell my whole story, not just the story of one day. I want the world to know that not only was I a pretty cool rock chick who did a lot of wild and stupid things but also that I am now an evangelical Christian and I'm a damn good nail technician/manicurist who works with passion and integrity.

So, out of frustration and the nagging need to purge my past so I can stop looking back and start looking ahead, this blog was born. I was not always a classy respectable woman. I'm not always a good Christian, even now, but I really do study the Word of God and I pray every day. I do see myself turning away from sin, growing wiser and becoming a better person--and more than anything it is my goal to inpire others to do the same for themselves. I may not be proud of all my experiences but I'm proud of who I'm becoming. I hope you enjoy reading this candid blog as much as I enjoy writing it.

All my love,


Stacie said...

You are a better person every single day I've known you, Cari! Welcome to the world of blogging!

Much love,


here kitty, kitty... said...

hell, no I wouldn't mind being known as the girl who fucked Izzy.... then again.... maybe not...

not tooo many people understand the whole "groupie" thang... often misconstrued for different motives or a lack of self control... good when the stories come out... the real stories, gives you a whole feel of what it felt like to live and breath in that world, and to maintain some sense of dignity and respect - awesome.... love ya babe!!!

Robin said...

Hey Cari,

I still check your stories on this page and tonight to my suprise there was finally another one, Bravo Cari. Very cool short story. Hope all is well with you.


Robin( My space)