Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Concert Review: Jet @ Hard Rock pool 4/2007

I decided that the best thing I've written so far is my review of Jet's concert at the Hard Rock pool this summer. It was originally published online at Glam-Metal.com (http://www.glam-metal.com/jet.html) It was also printed in the June issue of Vegas Rocks Magazine. So I thought I would share it here as well, minus the photos. Enjoy...

On April 27th Jet took the stage again in Las Vegas, this time at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino pool. I was so thankful to be in the front row since the Hard Rock crammed so many fans into the pool area I was almost afraid to look behind me! If you really crave guitar driven rock, the live show from this 4 piece Australian band will hit the spot every time. This performance, although shorter than their usual set, was no exception.
Jet hit the stage with a squealing guitar opening with "That's All Lies" from their newest album, Shine On. If drummer Chris Cester's pounding industrial machinery beat on this song doesn't get you moving, nothing will. They continued their groovy guitar rock onslaught with "Get What You Need", "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is"--undeniably the best song on the new album, "Holiday", "Rollover DJ" and finally reaching the height of heaviness with "Take It or Leave It" *whew* before slowing down the pace with "Look What You've Done", their Beatles-esque hit ballad from the first album, Get Born.
I always get goosebumps when the crowd sings along with a great rock ballad. One slow song was enough for Jet tonight as they obviously came to rock! The second I heard bass player Mark Wilson jingling the tambourine I knew what was coming next...my favorite Jet song "Are You Gonna Be My Girl! The fans around me were singing every word, chicks on the cabana level were all dancing. From there they went into "Last Chance" and "Rip It Up". Is there no end to the solid catchy groovy guitar hooks from guitarist Cam Muncey? Let's hope not. And of course, it wouldn't be a Jet show without vocalist/guitarist Nic Cester climbing on top of any sturdy thing that he can find. Tonight he found his way to the roof of the sound booth! I was getting exhausted just watching him running around everywhere. He has a such a confident and comfortable stage presence that really commands attention and that's a mark of a truly great frontman.
At last they finally played arguably their biggest hit so far, "Cold Hard Bitch" a song which is unmistakably recognizable from the first note. Even the sticky 90 degree Las Vegas heat wasn't stopping this crowd from going crazy! Next they played "Stand Up" from the new album, a song that's not only personally motivating and to me but I also just love that Zeppelin inspired riff! They closed the show appropriately with "Get Me Outta Here". Because of the strict rules of the Hard Rock, they could only perform one hour instead of the usual hour and a half plus and so there was unfortunately no encore.
I stuck around after the show talking with Gilby Clarke's sister Michelle just long enough to spot guitarist Cam Muncey mingling in what was left of the crowd. He's my favorite member of Jet so I couldn't pass up this opportunity. I'm such a sucker for talent and a pretty face. He was so kind and spoke with us for quite a while. Aside from mentioning how he wasn't looking forward to his ears popping all the way to Denver the next day he also said that this would probably be their last tour of the States for a while as they were ready to work on a new album. I sure hope they'll come back with more meaty riffs and big hits like the tunes on Get Born. Thanks to Jet for an incredible evening and for keeping the rock n roll torch shining bright. Shine On!

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