Saturday, November 17, 2007

Me...The Lonely Ghost

There are lots of reasons I haven't been around lately. These reasons have been brewing for a year and I'm tired. I'm so tired of so many things...

I decided in October that I'm indefinitely boycotting concerts. I am beyond sick of paying exorbitant concert ticket prices. Never in my life have I ever missed the following performers when they've been through town: Collective Soul, Marilyn Manson, Alice In Chains. I missed all of them in one month's time and it would have cost me over $200. Not to mention I would have also liked to have seen Tommy Shaw and Jack Blades when they were here, add another $35. There were a handfull of small shows as well like Winger, Warrant, Kings of Leon, add $65. That doesn't even include having a couple beers at each show. So yes, I missed them all in just 8 weeks. I've been wondering for years why I can't ever seem to get my credit cards paid off and now I know. I just paid one off last week. If I continue the boycott I'll have the other one paid in a few months. By not being a slave to concerts I have broken the chains of credit card debt.

For the last part of 2006 and majority of 2007 I have spent most of my time with guy friends instead of girlfriends. Having Morpheus as my "out on the scene" buddy from December-February, Tore as a companion through March and Mark as a boyfriend from April-October, it was easy to justify. Now that they've all moved on or moved away I'm back to rolling solo again and I have to face the disappointing truth about my dear girlfriends.

I find a great friend every few years...Christina, Andrea, Stefanie...and then they move away. I will never understand why the people I get the closest to never stay in Las Vegas.
Some of the girlfriends I have now are such beautiful people and I want nothing more than to be closer to them but because they have husbands/families, or spend all their free time at concerts that I can't afford (or more often listen to bands I simply don't like), or they have hobbies that I can't participate in like motorcycling, they are not always able nor comfortable with going places that I like or doing things I do. I wish I could find a way to spend more time with them somehow without feeling like a 3rd wheel or spending a ton of money on activities that I'm not into.
Other girlfriends I've had are either competitive & self centered or complete whores that get their self worth out of fucking everyone so that you literally can't go anywhere and actually meet a guy they haven't been with. If I were to go by the rule of not taking interest in a guy because one of my friends fucked him/dated him then that would rule out pretty much every single guy everywhere I go, even guys in other cities.
So, this is why I roll solo. For some reason I am unable to find female friends who like the same music/hangouts that I do or who aren't whores on a mission to create pissing territories everywhere.

Sometimes you might see me floating like a ghost all alone on a downtown street, or standing in a corner with a beer nodding my head to the music. I'll be taking applications for friends who have morals, a positive attitude, who like the groovy alternative rock bands, who like meeting up for dinner or coffee before going out, who can have a good time without getting plastered drunk and who have something else to talk about besides who they fucked last week.