Friday, February 1, 2008

Angels And Airwaves @ The Joint: Concert Review

A short concert review I wrote after seeing Angels And Airwaves a couple months ago....

I attended Area 107.9's Big Damn Holiday Jam on 12/11 at the Hard Rock Hotel. I was so excited to finally see headliners Angels and Airwaves and they gave a performance that surpassed my expectations! Angels and Airwaves is the new project of former Blink-182 vocalist/guitarist Tom DeLonge and former Offspring drummer Atom Willard. They first caught my attention with their 2006 hit "The Adventure" which remains one of my favorite songs to this day. If you listen to alt-rock radio, you've heard the chilling lyrics: "Hey oh, here I am/And here we go/Life’s waiting to begin/I can not live/I can’t breathe/Unless you do this with me". The most recent single off their new album I-Empire called "Everything's Magic" is currently in heavy rotation on 107.9 fm.
DeLonge spent a lot of time telling jokes and stories to the crowd as it was obviously very important to him to let everyone know the inspirations behind their songs, things like the death of his grandmother, for example. Not only do I hear a major U2 influence in their music but also mixed into their powerful rock sound is a lot of trippy spaceship synthesizer sounds a la Pink Floyd, very conceptual and anthemic. That and their WWII themed props and visuals give them a larger than life stage show. The youth already adore DeLonge's emo vocal style (and so do I) but with this interesting new direction and Willard being such a beast of a drummer, I hope they will attract other rock fans too. Angels and Airwaves is an impressively mature departure from the members' former bands.