Sunday, June 21, 2009

Grease 3

This afternoon while grilling veggies on the balcony, I turned on the TV to find Grease 2 playing. Most won't agree with me but I liked the second Grease movie better than the first. The first Grease by far had the best music, I'll give ya that. The music in Grease 2 was indeed a little wimpy, but for me it wasn't about the music. To this day I still don't like motorcycles, and for me Grease 2 wasn't about the bikes either. It was about a man who was smart enough, determined enough and creative enough to do whatever it took to win a special girl's heart.
In 1982, the romantic 12 year old that I was completely fell for actor Maxwell Caulfield's tough, smart and dreamy character Michael. Michael was everything a man is supposed to be. So, there I sat on my sofa with my grilled veggies, butterflies in my stomach, feeling like I was 12 again, wishing God would make my life into a Grease 3.
So, what would MY "cool rider" be like? He would definately play guitar. He might enjoy restoring old cars. He'd definately have great hair and a unique, eccentric, retro-vintage 1970s style. He'd be one who reads a lot and is more cerebral than physical (that means smart for those of you who aren't). But most importantly, he would put God above all else in his life. When a man does that, it shows in his work ethic and it appears as integrity in every area of life.

So anyway, I'll stop dreaming now and share this related random observation. While watching Grease 2, I realized immediately why I'm just smitten stupid over actor Robert Pattinson (Twilight)! Instead of "Michael", this guy is "Edward" but it's the same kind of character--nearly identical!! They even look alike:

SEE??!! Crazy isn't it! At least I finally understand my obsession with Twilight now. I realize these guys play fictional characters but I believe that men like this do exist in a less dramatic way. Maybe I'm not 12 anymore but I'm still looking for my cool rider. He'll find me someday....

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