Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Minx Nails!

Since April I've been feverishly practicing a new trendy nail service called Minx Nails. I'm proud to say that I'm one of only a handful of nail technicians in the Las Vegas area providing the service!

Minx has positioned themself in the industry as couture for nails. Minx nails are the green alternative to nail polish, made of a flexible film that is not a liquid and does not use any hazardous chemicals during application. Minx requires no drying time, doesn't smudge or chip and there are no fumes! Removing Minx is easy and will not damage your nails when removed properly! Minx is sold to professionals only and is applied to either natural or artificial nails with the use of a heat source, much like the shrink wrap advertising you see on cars. Minx toenails are my specialty and should last at least 4 weeks or longer! Minx fingernails are best left for special occasions as they only last a couple days for the average 9-to-5 working mom. Some ladies can manage to squeeze 2 weeks out of them, but it really depends on your lifestyle and whether your nails are flat or curvy.
This premium service is usually found only in high end salons. Yet, my prices are still a lot less than what you would pay elsewhere.
Minx has several competitors, both professional and drugstore. But don't be fooled, these products are nothing more than thin, rubbery stickers. Some of the competition's patterns are decent but nothing can really compare to Minx's metallic, chrome designs. Seriously, just look at my toenails in the photo above...only Minx can give you this!

Cari's Minx Nails Menu

Minx Manicure $45 (service time: 90 minutes)
Minx Pedicure $70 (sevice time: 2 hours)
Minx application per nail $6

There are over 200 different designs to choose from. I send my clients to http://www.minxnails.com/ to choose the design they want. I do prefer a $10 deposit per design before booking an appointment, as all designs must be special ordered, however I do keep many of the more popular ones in stock.

Call (702) 798-3070 (ext 26) for an appointment now and be one of the first in the Las Vegas area to get Minxed! Visit my website: http://www.nailsbycari.com/

Photo of my own Minxed toenails (above) by Stacie Frazier. http://www.hauteshots.net/


Gloria The Goddess said...

Im new to the industry and found your info very much helpful, I knew nothing about TNU they arent too much different from the MINX nails. Thank you very much.

Unique&Parsimonious Bride said...

Wow thanks for all this info... if only I lived in Vegas :( I will be looking for a sylist in MD!

Heather Obsessed said...

I am obsessed with Minx nails! www.heatherobsessed.com It all started when I was putting a sticker skin on my iphone. It was one of my favorite patterns. “I wish my nails could look as cool as my iphone” Then I discovered Minx! Minx nails is the hot, easy and glamorous way for women to extend fashion to their very fingertips.Sparkly metallic’s, personalized graphics and photo-quality designs currently unavailable in the market make up the Minx nail line. Made of flexible film, Minx finally gives women completely customized nails that can feature the exact pattern and colors of their newest gown, their favorite photo, or that season’s hottest designs and they don’t chip, scratch or fade like polish!

Charli Jessup said...

I work with a hairstylist that was inquiring about Minx nails. Your information is very helpful as I didn't know much about it.

Thank you