Sunday, October 4, 2009

Is it a poem? A song? I have no idea.

A fun, silly tribute to the memories I have of someone I'll never get to keep. And I'm totally okay with that.

Good Luck Week

I met you on my good luck week.
You sat there bored in a crowd.
Had no idea where you'd take me.
Red wine limo ride, the night was wild.
Grabbed our bags and we ran from the pack.
I was lost in that space in your smile.

Haunting the Drake, shakin the Palms.
Fuzzy slippers, hotel rooms, airports and pools.
I was a hard rockin mess but you made me calm.
Tears in my eyes, taxi rides, Thanksgiving sodas.
You're always so quiet and cool
then you flash me that space in your smile.

Hey you. The smile's in your eyes.
Chicago, how you light me up.
When you say "oh you're gonna."
The smell of midwest rain and California skin.
Intoxicating, breath-taking
Peaceful in the thunderstorm haze,
I cherish that cute little space in your smile.

My good luck week went on for years.
Now you sit there with your cigarette out the window.
After confessions are made, I wonder will it ever be the same.
I can't look away when I see your face.
Just one more time, can I light up your eyes
And get lost in the space in your smile?