Sunday, May 9, 2010

Goin' To Vegas by Sin City Sinners:

A Story Las Vegas Transplants Can Relate To...

Last night at Green Valley Ranch Casino, Sin City Sinners premiered a video for their first single "Goin' To Vegas" from their new album Exile On Fremont Street. As I stood there watching it for the first time along with the hundred other people in attendance, a large knowing smile came across my face, tears welled up in my eyes. It was my life up there on the screen. As vocalist Todd Kerns sits there, defeated-looking, while a pretty girl talks non-stop about her expectations for their future, porn star Ron Jeremy plays the angel & the devil on Todd's shoulders. familiar. I thought back to my lovely little townhouse in Indiana, my comfortable job, my boyfriend of 10 years who talked incessantly, every word from his mouth making me feel inadequate and unappreciated. The only difference is in this video, Todd follows the advise of the devil. Me, on the other hand...I knew it was the devil telling me to stay in my mundane life. It was the angel telling me to go to Las Vegas, where a whole new life was waiting for me--a life where I could shine!

The video goes on to show Todd walking out with his guitar and record collection and picking up bandmates Brent Muscat, Rob Cournoyer & Mike Ellis on the side of the road. When they arrive, they partake in many of the tempations this city has to offer...gambling, partying with rich, famous & beautiful people, hanging around in divebars (THE Divebar in this case), etc. But unlike so many that come here and get sidetracked by the glitter and lose sight of their dreams, the main focus of the video is the band's live performances. Rock N Roll is their goal. Goal accomplished.

I came here with a dream and a goal too. One year after moving to Las Vegas, I met Sin City Sinners guitarist Brent Muscat and his friend Jason Green back when Brent was still playing guitar for Faster Pussycat. We became instant friends. Jason was writing a book about Brent's life and I would sit with them for hours and hours listening to Brent's stories. Now here we are, 10 years later...Jason is Sin City Sinners manager and he directed the "Goin' To Vegas" video. Brent is still living his dream with a wife & kids and a fresh new band. I'm doing what I came here to do as well. I bought a home, run my own little nail business, have countless friends who encourage and appreciate me and, best of all, I have the freedom to be myself in the greatest city in America. I did it my way. Viva Las Vegas!

"If you need to find us, The Divebar's where we'll be. That's where we drink for free...I don't need her, I got a whole lotta new friends. I'm goin' to Vegas and I'm never comin' back again!"

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Love this story!!!