Sunday, June 10, 2012

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps: The Future of the Nail Industry?

Move over Minx Nails, there's a new nail covering in town...OPI's new Pure Lacquer Nail Apps! Unlike Minx and their "nail sticker" competitors like Sally Hansen and Sheekee, OPI's nail apps are made out of actual nail lacquer with a base and top coat built right into the product. They can be worn over natural or artificial nails and are removed easily with acetone polish remover. 
As a professional, I was embarrassed that I could never get Minx to adhere to fingernails for any decent length of time, even after going through Minx's intensive level one training. Some clients could get a week out of their Minx fingernails, others couldn't make it more than a day. Yet on toenails they lasted for over a month on everyone. I think Minx is just too sensitive and not very user/wearer friendly for the average woman's lifestyle.
Leave it to OPI to step up and perfect the nail covering craze! OPI's Pure Lacquer Nail Apps are easy for anyone to apply and will last an average of 10 days--much longer than normal nail polish. Have a professional apply them with a soak-off gel top coat and you will find yourself with nail art that lasts 2-3 weeks! There are currently 14 nail art patterns to choose from. Psst...I heard through the grapevine that OPI also plans to release their popular nail polish shades as nail apps in the near future! Hey, not everybody wants to wear nail art, you know. The only thing OPI needs to figure out (quickly!) is how we can reseal an opened package to preserve unused nails apps and prevent them from drying out. For the price, nobody (manicurists and retail consumers alike) is going to be happy about wasting the unused apps...big fail OPI, fix it!
Looking ahead, I do see a bigger picture here than just this exciting new product. Could this "dry nail polish" be the future of the nail industry? Will regular liquid nail polish seem archaic 10 years from now?  All I know is, I plan to stay on the cutting edge.